Jan O’Hara thinks it’s hilarious to write about herself in third person, yet know she will not be branded a loon. (No offense to the ornithologists in the audience; Jan is determinedly NOT birdist.)

Although she knew in grade school she wanted to write fiction, Jan left her dreams behind for a time to become a family physician. She provided birth-to-death healthcare to her patients and served as a clinical preceptor, all while teaching medical students and residents at the University of Alberta. 

She came to understand the importance of hope during a time when she had little of her own, still less ability to inspire it in others. That’s why, when made director of a family medicine center, she facilitated its hope-focused transformation — a change which rippled through the local healthcare system. In a good way.

Jan lives in Alberta, Canada with her husband and two children. Once obsessed with helping people professionally, she now spends her days torturing them on paper. See? Win-win scenarios really do exist.

Find Jan at her citrusy blog, Tartitude, or at Writer Unboxed as their current Voice of the Unpublished Writer — a position of privilege she intends to surrender ASAP by crafting her contemporary romances.  

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